Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cities that attract UAE's investment

What are the cities that UAE's are Looking for in India
The cities which attract the most of the foreign investment was surveyed by the renowned and leading international realty consultant, Cluttons. London was a historic place in terms of investment from the Middle East. New York has also been added in the list. In the survey where the residents of UAE investors were assessed regarding their trend of investing and the top three investment destinations, London topped the list being 13 percent. The next on the list was New York with 10 percent. But the surveyors have noted that New York appears more frequently in the top three preferred investment destinations in 2016.
The foreigners or the UAE investors are googling on Bangalore, Mumbai and Ahmedabad as the preferred destinations for investment.  The experts and the researchers feel that this is the result of the personal tie that the investors of the UAE feel towards India and the result of the government measures for FDI flow in India. This is the result of the Indian leadership visiting the UAE which has been the reason of the increased appeal of investment in India, opined Cluttons.
Among the 46 locations targeted by Cluttons in the study 50 percent of the investors are targeting residential or housing properties. A 22 percent of the investors are targeting the commercial properties and 28 percent targets the mixture of both the commercial and the residential properties. The survey pointed out that out of all the commercial investments that have been planned from UAE there is a stronger intention from the investors to focus on the retail sector with an equal stress on the office investments. It has been noted that among the less favored investment pastures outside the Middle East are the Hotel and Industrial investments in the year 2016.
Among the investors of the UAE London was the most preferred destination from the Gulf investors. In the Great Recession the values of the residential properties in London and across its prime central locations dipped down by an average of 20 percent between 2007 and 2009. The report from Cluttons said that post-recession till the present period the average property prices soared by 70 percent. 
The reason the experts cite that there is a huge demand of the NRI and other investors from the UAE investors is that there are restrictions of foreigners or people of different origin to buy land and property in many countries of the UAE. There was a continued high interest noted from the investors of the UAE in the commercial properties of UK from the investors of Middle East. The survey pointed out that a great majority of all these commercial property investment was London based with around 3.2 billion purchases in the city alone.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai remained to be the most preferred destinations in UAE regions among the investors of HNWI class. Dubai comes in the frequently mentioned top three investor’s destinations with thirty percent of the investors mentioning Dubai’s name in their top three priorities, according to the survey of Cluttons. 
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