Thursday, September 17, 2015

Man Vs. Technology: Web pages are set to replace real estate brokers

It’s yet another classical example of technology versus man. Technology doesn’t seem to work within set boundaries; it’s all pervasiveReal estate technology giant NoBroker has recently come into spotlight as there was a ruckus in front of their office in Bangalore.

The Company NoBroker offers people with rental, lease and other home related services for zero cost, which has infuriated the real estate broker community. The community barged into the NoBroker’s office and caused damages to their property and completely disrupted their work.
The brokers assaulted the office staff in spite of resistance by the security and office management which led them to lodge a complaint against all the brokers in the local police station. The police intervened in time and prevented further damages.

This company is not the only one in this segment but they have many counterparts such as Common floor, Housing and many others. These companies are rendering valuable services to the customers by providing free information on their website about the available homes in the market; that too free of cost. This means the brokers will be wrapping up their brokerage businesses soon. Their business is slowly but steadily declining due to which they have managed to attack the real estate technology leader NoBroker.
It’s a tug of war between brokers and NoBroker for that huge pot of gold in real estate industry
This company has made a mark for itself in real estate business. It has over 3 lakh customer base and has helped them save a whooping fifteen crore rupees which is a stupendous achievement for a company of just a couple of year old.

The technology enabled companies are sure to take over the major stake of real estate pie, compared to manual based companies. It is important to fight back in life but in an ethical way; it was wrong for the brokers to react that way. If the war has begun then changes are inevitable; so it’s important for the brokers to adapt to the change or implement technologies that will recuperate their business.

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  1. Really nice article. It’s true that now a day’s people are spending very less time with the human beings when comparing to technology developed applications. On the other side this applications are great where we can find our needs and requirements without the broker. Particularly finding for flat, single house etc., will take long time and we should give commission to the brokers in past days. But day by day technology is developing a lot and it became very easy to reach the required people directly.

  2. Certainly, brokers are having their own techniques to take commission from the people for each and every work they do on your fever and that is their job. But the modern developed technologies gave us such wings that we don’t have to rely on them any more, these are very helpful in finding our matching needs directly through websites and to reach the correct people without any intermediate. however there are some people unaware of these applications and running behind the brokers in order to match their specific requirements.

  3. As technology advances we are less dependent on human beings. This article is very nice and informative as the writer has explained how web technology is helping people in finding their dream home.

  4. Thanks for sharing, I am agree with you technology replace human. Now days we don’t have so much of time we visit personally and discuss about problems and tell them our requirements and needs also. Let me share my experience with you when I moved to Bangalore I am facing many problem regarding accommodation and all. Made a call too many brokers visit there office tell them our requirements and needs but it’s no worthy but through technology it goes smooth. We can submit query at any time and get the instant result. We can filter our searches as per our requirements and needs. Its ease to use on single instance we get multiple results from that we can take one as per our needs. So many companies are working on that platform developing application and website through that serve human.

  5. Technology makes many things very easy and saves the time too. Here the author has clearly explained about the current trend of the realty business and how making the successful deal.i.e. without the third party broker.